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Olympus Judo Cup – Litohoro 2017

Over 600 young judokas from 8 countries participated in the 14th International Judo Tournament in Litohoro, Greece. The age groups started from children under 6 year old up to cadets.

Additionally there was a mini-tournament for the sightless judo players.

Results by age groups:

FU6-21kg FU6-24kg FU6-30kg
MU6-18kg MU6-24kg MU6-30kg

FU8-21kg FU8-24kg FU8-27kg FU8-30kg FU8-33kg FU8-39kg
MU8-18kg MU8-21kg MU8-24kg MU8-27kg MU8-30kg MU8-33kg MU8-36kg

FU10-24kg FU10-27kg FU10-30kg FU10-33kg FU10-36kg FU10-39kg FU10-42kg FU10-45kg FU10+48kg
MU10-24kg mu10-27kg MU10-30kg MU10-33kg MU10-36kg MU10-39kg MU10-42kg MU10-45kg MU10+48kg

FU12-33kg FU12-36kg FU12-39kg FU12-42kg FU12-45kg FU12-48kg FU12-52kg FU12-57kg FU12+57kg
MU12-26kg MU12-29kg MU12-32kg MU12-35kg MU12-38kg MU12-42kg MU12-46kg MU12-50kg MU12-55kg MU12-60kg MU12+60kg

FU14-36kg FU14-40kg FU14-44kg FU14-48kg FU14-52kg FU14-57kg FU14-63kg FU14+69kg
MU14-34kg MU14-38kg MU14-42kg MU14-46kg MU14-50kg MU14-55kg MU14-60kg MU14-66kg MU14-73kg MU14+73kg

FU17-48kg FU17-52kg FU17-57kg FU17-63kg FU17+70kg
MU17-50kg MU17-55kg MU17-60kg MU17-66kg MU17-73kg MU17-81kg MU17-90kg MU17+90kg

The players from judo club Sakura, Katerini, get at the top of the medal statistics for yet another year: Medal_Statistics

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